Garrison Keillor: Coming up later on many of these stations-- the Adventures of Lynn Nelson, Flying Therapist (THEME, UP, HEROIC) -- stationed in the north woods of Minnesota, psychotherapist Lynn Nelson braves the elements (AIRPLANE ENGINE) in her single-engine skiplane to serve her clients scattered in isolated cabins along the Canadian border (WOLF HOWL). (MUSIC DOWN AND UNDER.....)

Tim Russell: Why must you live here in Bemidji, Lynn? when you could be earning so much more as a therapist in Manhattan or Santa Monica?

Sue Scott: People here need me, Brad. I'm the only therapist in northern Minnesota who makes house calls

TR: I suppose you're right, darling, but-- I'm an actor. A Shakespearean actor. There's no work for me here, aside from playing the part of Paul Bunyan in the annual Lumber Days festival.

SS: I care about you and your career, Brad, but -- my clients must come first.

TR: Why can't they find help on the Internet? (PHONE RING)

SS: Counseling is personal, Brad. Excuse me-- (PICK UP) This is Lynn. (AGITATED VOICE AT OTHER END) Take it easy, Joe. (AGITATED VOICE) Okay. I'll be right there. (HANG UP) It's the fishing guide up on Big Sandy Lake. He needs to talk. (SHE IS BUSTLING AROUND, PUTTING ON PARKA AND BOOTS, ETC)

TR: But what about us?

SS: I'll be back before nightfall. C'mon, King. (WOOF) (DOOR CLOSE) (FOOTSTEPS IN SNOW, AS SHE WALKS TO PLANE) Sky looks threatening off to the north, King. (DOG WHINE) Could be in for a big blow. C'mon boy-- up you go. (DOG BARK) (PLANE DOOR CLOSE) Okay. Check the instrument panel-- (FLICKING SWITCHES) Safety check. (SWITCHES) Flaps extended. Throttle. Contact. (PLANE TURNS OVER, PROPELLER REVS, PLANE MOVES OUT FOR TAKEOFF) (BRIDGE)

GK: Minutes later, flying north toward Big Sandy Lake, the therapist-aviatrix runs into trouble. (ENGINE MISSING, SPUTTERING)

SS: Darn. We've run out of gas, King. (WHINE) That idiot Brad forgot to fuel up. We're going to have to land on Lake Louise. Hang on. Here we go. (PLANE DIVING,BRIDGE)

GK: Moments later, climbing out of the wreckage of the plane-- (WIND)

SS: I seem to have broken my left ankle in the crash, King. I don't think I can move it. (CRACKING OF BONE) No, it's broken all right. I'm going to take this section of the fuselage (TEARING OF WOOD AND METAL) and use it for a sled and tie this cargo strap to it, and you take that end in your teeth and pull me over the snow, okay, boy? (WOOFS) (BRIDGE)

GK: The wounded therapist and her faithful dog continued north through the gathering storm (BLIZZARD) over the frozen tundra toward Big Sandy Lake when suddenly (MOOSE) -- (DOG GROWL)--

SS: Easy, King. It's only a moose. (MOOSE) An enormous moose. I'll just get his attention with this pocket watch. (TICKING) And swing it back and forth. (SWINGING WATCH) You-- are -- very sleepy. (MOOSE DROWSE) You are under my control. (MOOSE AGREEMENT) Take the end of the strap in your mouth and pull. (MOOSE) (BRIDGE)

GK: With the moose and the dog pulling together, the therapist quickly arrives at the door of the fishing guide's cabin. (KNOCKS ON BIG OAK DOOR, DOOR CREAK)

TR (FRENCH CANADIAN): Ah. Hello, Lynn. I thought you'd come by plane, not by moose sled. You look like you've been hurt?

SS: Never mind me, Joe. How are you?

TR (FRENCH CANADIAN): Well, I've been feeling sort of down.

SS: Sort of down?

TR (FRENCH CANADIAN): Yeah, just got sort of moody, you know.

SS: Okay. Well, let me get into a chair and (SHE GASPS FOR PAIN) -- get out my notebook and tell me about it.

TR (FRENCH CANADIAN): Well, I have this feeling of darkness. And a feeling of aloneness.

SS: I see.

TR (FRENCH CANADIAN): And I feel a sense of unworthiness because I have not bathed in three weeks.

SS: All right.

TR (FRENCH CANADIAN): And I have a sense of guilt because I've brought you a hundred miles to listen to this.

SS: You feel guilty--

TR (FRENCH CANADIAN): Yes. You crashed your plane and you broke your ankle and now you're trapped here with me in this blizzard and we'll be here for weeks and what are we going to talk about?

SS: So you're worried about boring me.....


SS (FADING): Well, let's take these things one at a time, Joe...


GK: Lynn Nelson, Flying Therapist. Stationed in northern Minnesota, the therapist and her dog King (WOOF) fly her skiplane (AIRPLANE) to remote areas serving her clients scattered along the Canadian border. (MUSIC DOWN AND UNDER.....)