Garrison Keillor: So--you've grown up and gone off to college. It's your time to be the person you want to be. You've moved away from mom and dad and that enabled you to buy the Che Guevara shower curtain you've always wanted and the new dark glasses with the pink frames and the lenses in the shape of pyramids. Your own dorm room...with your own roommate, Chad.

Tim Russell (TEEN): I was going to, like, have some friend over, like, tonight and watch my Lost Planet DVDs, you know, like parts 4 and 5 where the Kreplans, like, attack the dark galaxy and there's this really really cool implosion where they all like go into this like black hole, you know?

GK: This is when you want to get yourself a Hide-A-Room dorm sofa. It's like a hide-a-bed, but there's a whole room inside. Just pull up on the handle (MECHANISM OPENING, SPRINGS CREAKING, TENSION RELEASES, BOING! and there's a bed, small dining table, ottoman, fireplace and four walls. There's a microwave, a mini-fridge, a TV, and it only takes up 36 square feet of space. If your living quarters are cramped and you share them with someone --

TR (TEEN): Are you into Pink Floyd, because I am, like, really really into that-- whole-- sort of thing. Like.

GK: Get a Hide-A-Room sofa and get a life. (MUSICAL BUTTON)