Spanish is the loving tongue, Soft as music, light as spray:
'Twas a girl I learned it from, walking here by Biscayne Bay.
I don't look all that romantic, A northern guy and non-Hispanic,
Yet I murmured, all alone, "Mi amor, mi corazon."
Walking through Miami streets, Every block another world
Lonesome man in navy blue, beautiful Cubano girl
Peoples of the tropic region stared at this pale white Norwegian
As the moonlight brightly shone, "Mi amor, mi corazon."
On a warm Miami night, walking down the sandy coast
Underneath a starry sky, she kissed me and said adios
I told her I would write or call I
Gave her a small golden walleye
I was in pain when I got home
I had a shot of cortisone
I'm living in the land of snow
And blowing winds, and ten below
For thirty years I thought of her.
While talking on the radio
I think of her, my Carolina, muy bonita, feminina
And her soft Latina tone, Adios, mi corazon!