Garrison Keillor:.....coming soon to a theater near you, Brokebutt Mountain, a love story about two cowboys who had to face up to their feelings for each other--

Tim Russell (CHENEY): Good morning, Mr. President.

TR (BUSH): I wish you wouldn't call me "Mr. Presiden," Dick. Call me--Bushy. And don't stand over there on that side of the desk. Come around here. You and me--we started out and you were like a daddy to me and I was scared and you held my hand and then-- I started having feelings about you.......

TR (CHENEY): You sure you don't have a taping system set up here, Mr. President.

TR (BUSH): I didn't ask for this to happen, but it happened, and now I intend to stay the course. I just want to hold your big bald head in my arms and --

TR (CHENEY): Mr. President, please-- don't--

TR (BUSH): I was giving my State of the Union and I could hear you behind me, clapping your big beautiful hands.

TR (CHENEY): God, I wish I could quit you.

TR (BUSH): (SINGS) "I feel pretty, O so pretty, I feel witty and pretty and gay--" What do you say we take another trip to New Orleans? See how the Reconstruction is coming along. (THEME)

GK: Brokebutt Mountain......they were lonely, they didn't expect it to happen, but when it did, they were helpless to make it go away.