Biscayne Bay, Biscayne Bay
It's 71 degrees today
Hey hey hey hey
Land of Gloria Estefan and Ponce de Leon
Ricky Martin, Dave Barry, and Al Capone
Hey hey hey hey.
It's got sun and it's got soul
Everywhere hablamos espanol
Hey hey hey hey
Across the bridge, just out of reach
The billion dollar sandbar they call Miami Beach
It's Venice, Havana, Managua and Rome
It's Vacationland and its home sweet home
Floridians love sunlight, they are solar,
Two dark days and they turn bipolar
Hey hey hey hey
Lake Okeechobee flows to the sea
Home of alligators, egrets, manatee
Hey hey hey hey
There's dolphins, sea turtles, moray eels
Crabs and lobsters waiting to be meals
Hey hey hey hey
There's tall dark women and beautiful men
They all listen to WLRN