Garrison Keillor: ...right after this message from Baker, Barter, Burstyn & Barnes. (ELECTRIC BASS RIFF)

Sue Scott: I am absolutely devastated. I got my grades from fall semester and I got a C in organic chemistry. I could just die -- they're so negative in science. So much doubt and suspicion-everything's like, "I don't believe it, prove it" A "C". How am I going to get into med school with that?? (STING)

Tim Russell: This is Mike Burstyn of Baker, Barter, Burstyn and Barnes. If you've been hurt by a low grade, don't just sit there and take it. Call us and let us help you negotiate a better outcome. If you believe that your term paper was discriminated against on the basis of length or unrealistic standards of accuracy, you can sue for the salary you could have expected had you gotten into medical school.

SS: Thanks to Mike, my Organic Chemistry teacher rethought my grade and I got the A. On condition that I switch from medicine to aromatherapy. Which I was glad to do. There's no me in aromatherapy. There is in medicine. I didn't care about the grade so much as the respect.

TR: If your college instructor is running roughshod over you and applying standards to your work that have nothing to do with your ability, call us. Baker, Barter, Burstyn, and Barnes. We're here to help.