Tim Russell: This is Kenneth Lay, former CEO of Enron. As you may know I go to trial next week, accused of stealing more than 300 million in stock options from Enron stockholders. And if convicted I could face up to 125 years in prison.
Now I have no recollection of having done those things. As CEO I was a figurehead who welcomed tour groups to Enron headquarters and posed for photographs with Boy Scout troops and went to Kiwanis lunches. I arrived in the office around ten, went for lunch at noon, took a nap around one-thirty and was on the golf course by three-thirty. And when the jury hears the truth, I'm sure they'll see it just that way. And to make sure I get a jury that's fair and objective, I may file a motion to have the trial moved to Indiana. I just feel that Indianans are more fair.
Of course, if the trial is moved to Indiana, it'll mean millions of dollars spent at hotels and restaurants by members of the media -- plus the publicity. Every night on five major networks, reporters will stand outside the courthouse and look into the camera and say, "This is So and So, reporting from Lafayette. Or Indianapolis." And again at the end of the report. "This is So and So, reporting from Indianapolis. Or Lafayette."
We haven't decided on a city yet. We're open to offers.
I want a fair trial -- you want your name on the news. We need each other.
What do I want in exchange for filing for change of venue?
I need a home. A home that's not too far from the courthouse and close to a golf course. I'd like a black SUV, flat-screen TV and good water pressure, 300-thread cotton sheets and a heated floor. Eggs benedict in the morning. An enclosed pool would be a real plus.
Make me an offer.
I'd love to be judged in your state. Because I was not aware of what was going on. And I think Indianans know what that's like. This is Ken Lay, saying, Thank you very much and God bless Indiana.