How are you? I'm not so bad. And you? About the same, I guess.
Pretty good. You look okay. Well thanks. That's not that bad a dress.
Really? Do you like this dress? Of course. It looks okay on you.
Like your suit. You like this suit? I do. You do? I sort of do.

How is school? It could be worse. And how's your show? Oh, well, you know.
It's a show. It's not that bad. Uh-huh. You listen? Not really. No.
How was Christmas? Not that bad. You liked it? Sure.Of course, why not.
And your New Year's? It was good. You stayed up late? Sure. Somewhat.

How's your husband? He's not bad. Your wife? She's fine. I guess. Okay.
How's your parents? They're both fine. And yours? My parents passed away.
Did they really? Yes, we think so. Though it was hard to tell at first.
How do they like death? They say, it's not that bad. It could be worse.

DUET: If you're like us, then you are taught to keep your expectations low. If you don't expect a thing, then nothing's not that bad, you know.