I was twenty-one years when I learned this song.
I still feel twenty-one but that's because I'm drunk.
And it's quarter to one.
And the lights that were green turned to red,
And the cops pulled me over,
Happy New Year, son, they said.
Once my heart was filled with the love of a girl.
I held her close, but she told me to get lost
And to use a mouthwash.
Oh she was so mean, she brought me down,
And I drove off in despair.
Now the cops are in my hair.
I threw my beer can at their car
And watched their lights as they turned flashing blue
It was a dumb thing to do.
And I said something obscene about this town,
Why did I try to resist?
I feel handcuffs on my wrist.
Hello, hello, hello, hello
I'm going in for a D.W.I.
A substance abuse program.
And if I can stay clean until July,
And keep going to AA,
I will drive again someday.
Hello, Mom, I made a few mistakes.
Now they have me in custody out in Lino Lakes.
I will be here for a while.
Would you call Francine at the office,
I was drunk and it's a bummer
But I'll see her by next summer.