Segment 1
00:00:00 Logo
00:00:13 Tishomingo Blues, opening credits
00:02:03 GK opens, talks about the transit strike, tonight's guests
00:04:26 GK introduces the Pavlishyn Sisters
00:05:28 "A New Happiness Becomes" - the Pavlishyn Sisters and Alla Kutsevych
00:08:18 GK introduces Janez Lotric
00:11:15 "Look, the Stars of God"/"There is the Manger" - Janez Lotric

Segment 2
00:15:35 GK intros Kristina and Stanislav Kotyza
00:18:20 "She Wants the Baby To Sleep" - Kristina and Stanislav Kotyza
00:21:45 GK talks with Jennifer Rivera about her Christmas
00:23:20 "O Holy Night" - Jennifer Rivera and Rachelle Jonck
00:27:00 GK introduces Odetta
00:27:47 "Mary Had A Baby" - Odetta and Seth Farber
00:30:04 Powdermilk Biscuit Break/"Deck the Halls"/"Hanukah in Santa Monica"
00:33:01 GK introduces Gio Gaynor, subway ukulele player
00:34:55 "Sweet Child O' Mine" - Gio Gaynor and Shoe Band
00:39:08 Guy Noir script

Segment 3
00:53:57 GK talks to Odetta
00:55:00 Odetta reads a quote by Nelson Mandela
00:56:30 "This Little Light of Mine" - Odetta and Seth Farber
00:58:45 Intermission

Segment 4
01:03:30 Welcome Back to the Second Half, greetings
01:06:45 "Limericks" - GK and Richard Dworsky
01:09:32 "Wintertime" - Jennifer Rivera, Richard Dworsky, Andy Stein, and Gary Raynor
01:12:10 Wonderful Life script
01:14:47 Monk script
01:17:47 "The Little Drummer Boy" - GK and Shoe Band
01:20:12 "Crazy Mixed-Up Christmas" - Pat Donohue and Shoe Band
01:24:40 GK brings back Alla Kutsevych and the Pavlishyn Sisters
01:25:37 "Strange News" - Pavlishyn Sisters and Alla Kutsevych

Segment 5
01:27:43 GK brings Janez Lotric back
01:29:07 "What Happened to All the Shepherds"/"Angels Sing on Heaven" - Janez Lotric and Lenart Krecic
01:33:20 "How Beautiful You Are Baby Jesus" - Kristina and Stanislav Kotyza
01:35:27 GK brings out Odetta
01:36:00 "What Month Was Jesus Born In" - Odetta
01:38:57 News From Lake Wobegon, credits, "Silent Night"