Segment 1
00:00:00 Logo
00:00:13 Tishomingo Blues, opening credits
00:02:39 GK opens, talks about transit strike and being here 25 years ago during the transit strike with his son
00:04:26 "Lucia (The Week Before Christmas)" - GK/Shoe Band
00:06:42 Pope/XM script
00:14:50 Christmas script

Segment 2
00:21:07 GK introduces Rob Fisher and Richard Dworsky
00:21:23 "4-handed Christmas Piano Duet" - Rob Fisher and Richard Dworsky
00:25:21 GK introduces the Wailin' Jennys
00:25:45 "Sun's Gonna Rise" - Wailin' Jennys
00:36:46 Powdermilk Biscuit Break with Christmas medley

Segment 3
00:41:01 GK introduces Rob Fisher
00:41:23 "Jingles" - Rob Fisher with Guy's All-Star Shoe Band
00:43:49 GK brings the Wailin' Jennys back
00:44:19 "Fields of Gold" - GK/Wailin' Jennys/Shoe Band
00:49:04 News From Lake Wobegon
01:03:34 Intermission/"Jingle Bell Rock"

Segment 4
01:07:51 Greetings
01:12:48 "Transit Strike (Railroad Bill)" - GK, Wailin' Jennys, Shoes
01:15:52 Garrison announces the Trip Giveaway winners, with assistance from Benjamin from the audience
01:21:10 The Lives of the Cowboys script
01:28:44 "I Want To Ring Bells" - Andy Stein and Shoe Band
01:31:48 Guy Noir script

Segment 5
01:41:00 GK brings the Wailin' Jennys back
01:41:37 "Bring 'Em All In" - Wailin' Jennys
01:45:52 Radio script, into "The Coventry Carol" - Wailin' Jennys
01:54:10 "O Holy Night" - GK, Wailin' Jennys, Shoe Band, audience
01:57:00 Credits, "Angels We Have Heard on High" closer