Segment 1
00:00:00 Logo
00:00:12 Tishomingo Blues (Piano solo, Richard Dworsky)
00:00:24 GK Intro
00:02:24 Susan Black, Henderson, NV
00:03:31 "Hello Young Lovers" - Marni Nixon
00:05:20 GK Talk about Kristen Patty, Kingman, KS
00:06:01 "Summertime" - GK and audience
00:06:59 "Ralph's Pretty Good Grocery" Jingle
00:07:46 Kristen Larson, Bellingham, WA
00:08:16 "Raw Bits" with Greg Brown and Butch Thompson
00:09:32 "The Whippets Rag" from The Family Radio
00:10:54 "Ajua!" from The Family Radio
00:11:35 "Green Green Rocky Road" - Dave Van Ronk

Segment 2
00:14:14 GK Talk about Secilia Marino, Bozeman, MT
00:14:47 Guy Noir excerpt 1
00:15:45 Guy Noir excerpt 2
00:16:39 Guy Noir excerpt 3
00:17:10 "Guy Noir Theme" - Prudence Johnson and The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band from The Adventures of Guy Noir: Radio Private Eye
00:17:35 GK talks about Renee Fleming in Guy Noir
00:18:19 Guy Noir with Renee Fleming and Emmanuel Ax
00:31:18 "Over The Waterfall" - Stevie Beck, autoharp
00:32:47 GK talks about Chet Atkins
00:33:39 Chet Atkins Tribute with Pat Donohue

Segment 3
00:39:07 GK Talk about Ray Ruppert, Roland Park, KS
00:39:42 The Lives of the Cowboys
00:50:27 "I Want to be a Cowboy's Sweetheart" - Katey Bellville
00:52:12 GK Talk about Allan West, Tokyo, Japan
00:52:52 "America The Beautiful" - Mark O'Connor
00:54:57 "I Ain't Got Nobody" - Vince Giordano, Lou Green with The Butch Thompson Trio
00:55:06 Intermission

Segment 4
00:58:32 GK talks about Joan Barber, Spokane, WA
00:59:46 "Showers of Blessings" - GK and Lynne Petersen
01:03:21 GK talks about Arthur Atarain, New Orleans, LA
01:03:43 "Abraham, Martin and John" - Emmylou Harris, Buddy and Judy Miller and Greg Hippen
01:06:43 GK talks about Eli Hernandez, Omaha, NE
01:08:24 "I Know Where I'm Going" - Prudence Johnson, GK and Shoe Band

Segment 5
01:10:06 GK talks about Alaska monologue, Karyn Aubertot, Paris, France (Mark O'Connor, underscore)
01:12:48 GK talks about Tomato Butt monologue
01:13:04 "Tomato Butt" monologue excerpt from News from Lake Wobegon
01:26:37 "Living Flag" monologue from News from Lake Wobegon
01:28:41 "Bruno, The Fishing Dog" monologue excerpts from Gospel Birds with music by Chet Atkins

Segment 6
01:37:53 GK talks about Cheryl Moore, Montgomery, TX
01:38:44 "Teelin Bay Waltz" - Peter Ostroushko and Shoe Band
01:41:14 GK talks about Kerry Brookman, Fort Collins, CO
01:41:48 "Norman Olson" - Maria Jette
01:46:36 GK talks about Susan Kimball, Cedar Falls, IA
01:46:58 Six Minute Macbeth
01:57:45 Credits
01:58:54 "Tweedle-Dee" - Shoe Band