My best friend Michelle
That my son Andrew is almost through adolescence
Public servants
Creative children
Two new Eagle Scouts
Julie my wife of 48 years
Joel-he's simply amazing
The most beautiful talented and creative grandchildren on this planet.
Lauri, Micki, Maddie, Milli, Baking baby, Zane, Sammi, Aiden, Guinnie
My Canadian boyfriend
For Phil, my sexy Norwegian
People who have passed through my life
Thank you for Jersey dairy cows, cinnamon pears and walnuts
Real maple syrup from trees
Ice skating and hot cocoa
A good cup of coffee
Porketta and creamed corn
For the right to vote
For living in a blue state
Thank God that four years isn't forever
For golf in November
For the Green Bay Packers
And the Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church
Bald eagles and blue skies
Sloppy kisses and
Second chances at love
For baby Spencer's laugh
That all the leaves are raked
That I appear to be passing chemistry
That my baggage arrived with me
To be out of the house without children
For all that has been given
And for the grace to give some back
I'm grateful for Jay getting through football season with no injuries
That Beth does not have a beer belly
That I look 10 years younger than I am
When the baby is finally born and the rash is gone
Welbutrin and Prozac
Celebrex and aspirin
Oxygen and bowel movements
And chemotherapy that works
My mother's new hip
My dad's new knee
And that I've lived to cook yet another Thanksgiving dinner for my loving, supportive family