Garrison Keillor: The State Health Department says that Minnesota still has 925,000 doses of flu vaccine because people think there's a shortage and they don't want to have a shot if other people need it more. What a state.

Sue Scott (OLDER): You go ahead and get yours, I'll wait and if there's any left over, I'll get mine then.

GK: But you're in the age group that's supposed to get them.

SS (OLDER): Oh, they make a big hoop-de-doo about that, but I feel fine. Anyways -- all I know is I don't want to take vaccine away from somebody else. That's no good. What kinda deal is that? Go horning in and pushing and shoving to get my shot when there might be kids who need it or somebody else? I can wait. You go ahead.
People are so nice. Not on the freeway, but in real life they are. On the other hand, the health department was swamped with volunteers who wanted to give people flu shots. Anyway there are 925,000 doses of flu vaccine at the state Health Department so if you need some, go help yourself -- it's in the cooler in the entryway. You can mix it with cream of mushroom soup.
It's turned cold here which means that there are great values in real estate. Prices are coming down dramatically. Sellers are truly motivated.

Tim Russell (SOUTHERN): I could come down to, say, ninety-five thousand, if you think you could swing that, but that'd have to be my absolute rock bottom

GK: Well, I don't know. It's just not the right house for me. The big circular drive, the pillars -- the swimming pool -- I hate to think of the maintenance on that thing.

TR (SOUTHERN): How about eighty-five? That's as low as I can go. (HE SHIVERS) Please, I'm begging you now.

GK: Eight bedrooms is bigger than what we need, actually.


GK: Let me think about it.

TR (SOUTHERN): Tell you what. I'm gonna just set the keys down here and the deed and you pay me what you can and send it to this address. (CAR START AND PULL AWAY)