We're in Boston where the ice is about to go out on the Charles River (ICE GRINDING, SLOWLY, RUMBLING) ----- and when the ice breaks, the rowing teams will put their shells into the Charles (ROWING SHELL, RHYTHMIC THRUSTS OF THE OARS) and skim through the water rowing in unison ---- single rowers in the sculls (SFX) and crews of eight in the longer boats (SFX) and crews of a hundred or so in the Viking longboats (SFX) as the archers send their arrows (SFX) toward the fortress that is Harvard and bicyclists wheel along the bikeway (BICYCLE) and unicyclists (SFX) and runners (RUNNING) and older runners (SFX) and spring comes to Boston ---- there are no speedboats with water skiers on the Charles (SFX) or tugboats (SFX) or cruise ships (SFX) or submarines (SFX) ---- just a team of men rowing a shell (SFX) and if a rower isn't pulling his weight, they throw him overboard (CRY, SPLASH) but they have to keep an eye out for turns (BIRD SHRIEK) --- no, not that kind of terns ---- the kind where there's something right in front of you and you ought to--- look out----- (SHUDDER OF BOAT SPLITTING IN TWO). Meanwhile in the hushed Gothic majesty of a great library, students at one of Boston's many colleges study for final exams at a computer terminal (YOU HAVE MAIL), their headphones turned up high (HIPHOP) as they go on to become the physicians (HIPHOP) and the lawmakers and judges (HIPHOP) and the orthodontists (HIPHOP) and the hearing impaired of tomorrow, but spring is in the air, the song of the lark is heard (LARK) and the song of the cardinal (CHANT: MEA MAXIMA CULPA) and soon the Fenway will ring with the crack of the bat (BAT CRACK) and the roar of the crowd (ROAR) as the Red Sox fight their way to victory and a World Championship (ROCKETS) and the cannons will roar (CANNONS) as Boston erupts in triumph and the Boston Pops plays (FIFES) and the economy soars (WHEE) and three million new jobs are created in America (COPIER) and America's factories come to life (MACHINERY. ASSEMBLY LINE. THUMP. WHIRR. RATCHET. BLOP) manufacturing baseball bats (BAT CRACK) and computers (YOU HAVE MAIL) and bicycles (BICYCLE) and rowing shells (ROWING SHELL, RHYTHMIC THRUSTS).