GK: If you're looking for low, low airline ticket prices ---- make sure you check Rock Bottom Airlines before you fly.
**: Here at Rock Bottom, we save you money by using a fraction of the fuel that other airlines use. How can we do it? By using our engines to climb to a comfortable cruising altitude and then turning the engines off and gliding the rest of the way.
SS: Gliding is the exciting way to fly. The pilot turns the craft one way and then the other searching for thermals, or columns of warmer air, that lift the plane sometimes (SUDDEN RAPID ASCENT) thousands of feet in just a few seconds. Is it safe? Yes, it's perfectly safe. Once in awhile we experience a sudden downdraft (SUDDEN DROP) and it's a sensation that you get used to. You just put your uterus back inside you and take a deep breath and focus on your relationship to God and what you would like to do for Him in the future. And tell yourself that you're saving fossil fuel and helping to make the world a better place. And if you experience a sudden loss of blood pressure, just put your head between your knees. There's no lunch aboard Rock Bottom Airline and after you've ridden for a hundred miles you're (SUDDEN ASCENT) grateful for that fact. The exciting thing about gliders is that when you fly to Boston, for example, sometimes you go to Boston and sometimes you go to Syracuse, or Allentown, or Peoria. Every flight is unique and spontaneous, just like you.
GK: That's Rock Bottom Airlines. Gliding to your general destination since 1994.
RD & PD: Travel bargains, we got em
At Rock Bottom. (GONG)