MB: If you haven't tried fish sticks lately, you're missing out on a tasty meal instead. Just make sure your fish sticks say, Made In Ipswich. Only fish caught in Ipswich qualify for genuine Ipswich Fish Sticks. Other ordinary brands are what give fish sticks a bad reputation as a food you'd prepare when you've been laid off from work or when you need to feed lunch to thirty-five Brownies. But Fish Sticks from Ipswich are crunchy and salty and taste great plain or with ketchup and mustard mixed together. Maybe you have a dim memory of fish sticks from school lunch programs and you associate the taste with being jabbed in the ribs by a vicious boy named Harold. But Ipswich Fish Sticks are delicious. Serve them to your children and put some into your freezer for your grandchildren. Ipswich Fish Sticks. They're not just for Lent anymore.