.....You go to these big warehouse stores and you just don't get the service you used to-----
GK: Excuse me. Do you work here?
SS: Yeah---- Why?
GK: I'm looking for a modem.
SS: Oh. I think they're over there somewhere. In that stack of boxes. By the computer stuff.
GK: You got cable modems?
SS: I don't know. It probably says on the box.
GK: Is there anyone else I could talk to?
SS: The manager.
GK: Where is he?
SS: You can call him---- it's 1-800---
GK: What about the assistant manager?
SS: He's in back, doing his homework.
GK: Never mind. Thanks for your help.
SS: Hey. No problem. (BRIDGE)
GK: So you wind up having to call a technical person in New Delhi -----
TR (INDIAN): Yes, how may I be of assistance?
GK: It's about this printer. It won't work.
TR (INDIAN): Maybe it won't work because it's a terrible printer.
GK: No, I just bought it a year ago.
TR (INDIAN): Year ago! Ha! Go buy a new printer. It's cheaper. Buy three printers and get the fourth printer for free. (BRIDGE)
GK: You don't have that problem at Fritz Electronics. Fritz is there to service what he sells.
TR: Here, you stick this thingamajiggy over here back of the little flange thing, and ---- see how this goes ---- you twist this around like that and ---- put this guy in here----- coupla turns of the screw there ---- see how that goes? Then this thing fastens in here. And------ huh. What's the deal with that? ----That's no good. Anyhoo. You just take this little whoozitz here and you ----- huh. ---- Well, isn't that interesting now? ----- Aw, who needs it. You just put this guy on there----- and cover it up with duct tape. All set to go.
GK: Fritz Electronics. It's personal service you can't find anywhere else. (FRITZ ORGAN THEME)