GK: Looking for a gift that is fun and functional? Hip and helpful? We have the perfect present for the urban dweller: it's the Hi-Yo Silver change machine. You're a junior executive with a six figure paycheck, but you never have enough quarters do you? Our change machine will turn those twenties into money you can actually use. Laundry day gets a lot easier when you don't have to run to the US mint in between loads. There's parking meters, panhandlers, fountains, the occasional game of billiards, all requiring hard currency. And a change machine in your living room is a great conversation starter.
TR: Say, I couldn't help but notice that you need some quarters for that parking meter. Why not come up to my apartment and use my Change Machine?
SS: Does it take fives?
TR: It gives you change for a five and no purchase is necessary.
SS: What are we waiting for?
GK: Convenience, excitement and change costs virtually nothing to make. Get a Hi-Yo Silver change machine. It's the gift that keeps on giving.