GK: This holiday season, don't miss the heartwarming story of a President who made the sun come up over America ------ (DAWN MUSIC)
TR (REAGAN): It's morning in America, Nancy. What do you say we have breakfast?
SS: Oh, Ronnie. You're wonderful. (BRIDGE)
GK: The Reagans. Their Life in the White House, written by the Historical Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives.
SS (NANCY): Ronnie dear?
TR (REAGAN): Yes mommy?
SS (NANCY): The Iranian embassy is on the phone. They want to buy weapons from us in exchange for hostages.
TR (REAGAN): You tell them to go to H-E double toothpicks.
SS (NANCY): Yes, dear.
TR (REAGAN): And while you're at it, you tell Mr. Gorbachev to tear down that wall. Or I'll do it myself with my heat vision.
GK: It's the true story of an American leader. (BRIDGE)
TR (REAGAN): Now George W., I want you to pay attention.
TR (PRES. BUSH): I'm all ears, Uncle Mr. President.
TR (REAGAN): There were so many things that I just never was able to accomplish, due to those liberals and, well, you know, their iron grip on the media. And your dad will never accomplish them because he's a wimp. But you, as his first-born son, you will lead our people over the mountains and into the land of promise.
TR (BUSH): The land of promise? You mean, Texas?
TR (REAGAN): Yes, Texas. You will transform this whole nation so it's more like Dallas and Houston and Waco. A land where men are free and can spend their money on what they like and where you don't have people getting into Yale because they're a minority and meanwhile smarter kids like you have to attend-oh, I don't know, some other school.
TR (BUSH): I'll do my best, sir.
TR (REAGAN): I'm giving you some good men to show you the way, son. Cheney and Tom DeLay and Newt Gingrich. And I've given them this stone which has certain powers to ward off evil.
GK: Tune in to the Story of the Reagans. Tonight, on all broadcast channels and cable.