----.after a message from the American Duct Tape council.
SS: I'm the weather forecaster at Channel 7, Seeing Eye News, here in San Diego, and this week I'm heading up to Minnesota to spend the next three months. I need the experience. If you want to get ahead in the weather business, you've got to be able to do more than just "Sunny skies, high of 70, low of 58" --- you know? You've got to know more than Chance of Scattered Showers in the Morning, Sky Clearing By Noon. I know it's going to be rough in Minnesota, but I'm ready. I've got a roll of duct tape. Problems can be solved. Adjustments can be made. All you need to do is take the first step and then carry through, and duct tape is the first step for me. Duct tape: it's a beginning.
GK: A word from the American Duct Tape Council. (DUCKS) Duct tape----it's the only thing that always works almost. Duct tape.