00:00 Logo
00:11 Tishomingo
02:07 GK is glad to be back, talks about Olympics, Enron, Valentine's Day
04:22 GK announces love limerick contest, reads a limerick to Jenny
05:47 The Lord Will Make a Way Somehow- Hopeful Gospel Quartet
10:35 Climbing Up The Rough Side of the Mountain - Hopeful Gospel Quartet
14:28 Peninsula Clothing script
18:23 Shop Around - Mollie O'Brien and the Hopeful Gospel Quartet
22:31 GK talks about Robin and Linda's new CD "Visions of Love"
22:38 Ramblin' Man - Robin and Linda Williams
28:38 Powdermilk Biscuit Break
30:30 Cafe Boeuf Script
35:26 GK Talks About Limericks Again
36:03 GK Intros Rhonda Vincent
38:03 Ain't That Love - Rhonda Vincent
41:50 Corner of Walk and Don't Walk- Rhonda Vincent
45:46 GK Talks With Rhonda
46:16 Guy Noir Script
1:00:57 Avalon (intermission)
1:04:30 Welcome Back, Olympics Script
1:07:22 Greetings
1:10:34 GK Talks About Wobegon Weekend, Select Comfort credit
1:11:11 GK Reads Love Limericks
1:14:14 Dark Side of the Street - Mollie O'Brien
1:17:35 Catchup Script
1:20:26 GK Reads More Love Limericks
1:21:27 He Knows How Much We Can Bear - Hopeful Gospel Quartet
1:24:30 Monologue
1:41:05 Too Late, Too Late - Robin and Linda Williams
1:46:38 I Do My Cryin' At Night - Rhonda Vincent
1:49:23 SFX Script - Garrison Keillor and Tom Keith
1:56:57 Credits
1:57:27 Travelin' the Highway Home- Hopeful Gospel Quartet, Guy's All-Star Shoe Band, Rhonda Vincent