00:00 Logo
00:12 Tishomingo
00:56 Opening Credits
01:55 GK Talk about Talent from Small Towns
03:10 Intro Bands
03:55 Applause for Contestants, Explain Prizes
05:04 Musician's Fight Song
06:05 Applause-GK Talk about Online Voting
06:38 Intro Groveton Marimba Band
08:44 Groveton Marimba Band: In the Mood
11:23 Applause-GK Back Announce, Playoff Music
11:51 The History of T-TUTT
15:31 Applause-GK Intro Nikki Matteson
17:40 Trouble in Mind
20:11 Applause-GK Back Announce, Band Playoff
20:38 GK Talk about "Where Am I? Peoria"
21:02 GK Intro Uncle Henry's Favorites
23:16 John Henry
26:45 Applause, Band Playoff, GK Talk About Voting
27:15 Cowboys
36:00 Applause, GK Intro Bobby Arnell
38:06 Bach -Tocata and Fugue in D Minor
41:37 Applause, GK Back Announce, Band Playoff/GK Intro, Talk with Jill Jones
44:18 Singing on the Trail
47:40 Applause, GK Back Announce, Band Playoff
48:19 GK Intro Final Contestant, Talk with Jason Moody
50:51 Tambourine Chinois
54:34 Applause-GK Back Announce
54:55 GK Gives Voting Instructions
56:33 GK Talk about Peoria
1:01:30 Pat Intro His Bio Song
102:00 Bio Song
1:04:20 Applause-GK Segue to Intermission, Promo Second Half
104:55 The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise
1:08:55 GK Talk
109:38 Powdermilk Biscuit Me
109:59 Ketchup Script
1:12:14 Applause, GK Intro Virtual Consort
115:16 Le Pac
1:17:47 Applause-Greetings
1:20:49 GK Intro Virtual Consort Again
121:04 Tourdion
124:41 Applause-GK Back Announce
1:25:05 Monologue
1:40:41 Strawberry Fields
1:42:50 Applause-GK Talk about Awards
144:15 Playoff Music GK Talk with Nikki Mattson
145:00 Intro Second Place Winners/the Groveton Marimba Band
145:54 Dueling Marimbas
148:43 Applause-GK Back Announce, Talk with Pat
1:49:39 Move It on Over
1:52:26 Applause, GK Intro Winner of the Contest!! Jason Moody
153:34 Bowin' the Strings
1:54:44 Applause-Final Credits
156:46 Playoff Music Starts
157:55 That's Our Show for Tonight.