(GK: Garrison Keillor, TR: Tim Russell, SS: Sue Scott, TK: Tom Keith, RD: Rich Dworsky)

......but first, this message from the George W. Bush Is President committee.

TR (BUSH): For the past few weeks, I have tried to focus on saying whole sentences, with verbs in them and adverbs, which are what modify verbs, and to use the sort of dignified grammar that the American people appreciate in a president and that's what I intend to keep on doing, is speaking in sentences that are dignified in tone ----and dignified ---- Oh I already said that. Today I had the privilege of setting my hand on that Bible and repeating after him the solemn oath of office, the same one that Dad took twelve years ago, and everyone was there, Mom and the President, I mean the former President, and it didn't snow like they had forecast, and I read the speech pretty good, I'd say, and we had a nice lunch and a nice ride down Pennsylvania Avenue, and now Laura and I are back in the White House, the Bush White House, with my mom and dad and all the rest of the family --- the place just feels like home to us, and I've been looking forward to it because, let me tell you, the desserts are just incredible here. Man, they just go on and on. Great big huge desserts with chocolate and little crunchy things ---- I don't know how they do it. My favorite book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar and that's pretty much how I feel coming back to the White House. Makes me hungry. Sunday is a day off and then Monday morning bright and early around 9:30 or 10 I'll be there in the Oval Office working for you and after lunch from 3 to 5 ---- the education president, and boy, what an education I've had in the past 15 days, but we're gonna have fun too. Justice Rehnquist --- Billy Bob Rehnquist, I call him ---- he had me place my hand on the Bible and then he asked me to tilt my head back, close my eyes, and touch my fingers to my nose. Man, I just about died. What a hoot he is. Anyway, we're back. The Bushes are back. Texas is in the house! Yessir! (HE WHOOPS) ......a message from the George W. Bush Is President committee.

(c) 2001 by Garrison Keillor