GK: Summer's here, the beginning of car trip season, when you and your loved ones will be spending more time in extremely close quarters trying extremely hard not to say what you really think. But one argument you don't need to have is what music to listen to: just take along the Guys All Star Shoe Band's new tape, Life Is A Trip....It's the only tape you'll ever need in your car. Music for every mood.

The anticipation--- the sense of grandeur at the start of the trip. (EXODUS) Two weeks of looking at the land and the people.

Two weeks with nothing to do but enjoy each other. (GRIEG)

Then the moment when you get into heavy traffic and feel your manhood challenged by other drivers....(CAN'T TOUCH THIS)

And you feel the call of the open road, (BLUES GUITAR NOTES) the long concrete ribbon stretching ahead, shimmering with heat, the hum of the tires, you Jack Kerouac James Dean Johnny Cash at the wheel, and who are these little people in the backseat whimpering?

Next to you in the front seat sits the love of your life or LOL whom you used to go to the drive-in with (PUT YOUR HEAD ON MY SHOULDER) and you sat next to her thinking of only one thing (SAX) and that one thing led to the little people in the backseat (BIG SLOPPY DRUMS) and now your LOL sits embittered beside you (CHOPIN) angry at your lack of consideration for her as a person. And now you see what rock and roll leads to --- it leads to babies and babies turn you into a geezer (WHEN YOU'RE SMILING)

The Guy's All Star Shoe Band car tape, Life Is A Trip. The only tape you'll ever need in your car, capturing the exquisite boredom of car trips (new AGE GUITAR), the memories of your misspent youth (GOOD LOVIN), the barely repressed aggression toward other motorists (PETER GUNN), the evil in the hearts of small children (CARMINA BURANA), and of course the danger of rural motels (PSYCHO). The only tape you'll ever need for your car. (STARS & STRIPES MEXICAN POLKA)

© 1996 Garrison Keillor