This week on A Prairie Home Companion, our final summer repeat!! A compilation featuring two shows, one to be recorded this week in Chicago from the Gary Comer Youth Center. Gary Comer is the founder of Land's End, a longtime friend to APHC, and one of our nation's great philanthropists. Featured on that show will be gospel singer Jearlyn Steele, award winning pianist Reginald Robinson, world music journeymen Radio Maqam, Chicago community builders The South Shore Drill Team, and our own Rich Dworksy and Fred Newman. The second show is one we did in Chicago in 2002 from the Auditorium Theater, featuring the great American author, historian, and broadcaster Studs Terkel, legendary jazz figure Franz Jackson, and the hero of the modern harmonica, Howard Levy. Join us this Saturday for a very special Chicago windstorm of a show. We promise you'll be blown away.