This week on A Prairie Home Companion it's a visit from Thanksgiving Past featuring two November shows from 2004. The VocalEssence ensemble sings a wonderful Navajo Prayer, and in the spirit of giving thanks "for Jersey dairy cows, cinnamon pears and walnuts; and a good cup of coffee." - Vern Sutton and Janis Hardy join the choir for a Thanksgiving Cantata. Guy Noir has trouble making a good cup of coffee with the new coffeemaker he bought at the Appliance Barn, but he does find a friend in Customer Service. Kasey Chambers -- a bluesy Aussie -- is on the show, with her dad playing back-up guitar. And our own Irish bluesman, Pat Donohue, steps up for an appropriate post-Thanksgiving tune "Blues When I Exercise." Robin and Linda Williams head up the Department of Folk Song and The Boys of Lough join us with a wonderful song called "My Love, My God." In The News From Lake Wobegon, Garrison talks about his Grandpa Keillor, Uncle Jack, and a secret signal decoder ring he wore to Thanksgiving dinner.