Coming up this week on A Prairie Home Companion, it's Labor Day and we're coming to you from the grandstand of the Minnesota State Fair. The cast and crew are back from the summer break and are trolling the fairgrounds for this year's best cheese curds and fries and cold beverages. Songstress Patty Griffin will be along for the ride, as will the magnificent Jearlyn Steele. She'll be heating things up with her black-coffee style and to sweeten the drink, she'll be backed by "The Hornheads" (yes, that's right): a raucous bunch of local brass players who will be sitting in with Rich Dworsky and The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band. We'll fill you in on the blue ribbon winners, talk about buttery sculptures, sing the Star Spangled Banner in the Key of G, send rockets into the air and make you wish you were there for our last hurrah of summer.