This week's classic rebroadcast: a June 2004 show from the Meadowbrook Farm Musical Arts Center in Guilford, New Hampshire. Old Crow Medicine Show play "Wagon Wheel" and "Tear it Down," Leon Redbone sings "Shiek of Araby" and "Ain't Misbehavin'," Vince Giordano joins us for "T'aint No Sin," and Duke Heitger and Butch Thompson sit in with The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band. Plus: Pat Donohue leads the band on "Another Friend Like Me," Guy Noir heads to New Hampshire for a little grandeur, and a message from the Cafe Boeuf Hampshire Nouveau. In Lake Wobegon, Mrs. Smiley's dog develops an unnatural attraction to a porcupine after eating Guilford tomatoes.