This week on A Prairie Home Companion, the first in our summertime series of compilation shows. Our troupe is scattered hither and yon, mostly yon, and so we've put together some bits from old shows (which is how we cut costs, or as the French would say, "Quelle est la place la moins cher?"). And so for all of the Francophiles (or Francophobes as the case may be): a show in honor of Bastille Day coming up on July 14, with Maurice the maitre d' at the Cafe Boeuf, torch singer Francine Roche, Romeo's aria sung by tenor Raul Melo, and a song from Phil Cunningham and Aly Bain called "Bonaparte's Retreat." Plus, Guy Noir's girlfriend Sugar is dying to play the lead part in the Madame Bovary musical. In Lake Wobegon, the story of Uncle Sigurd who went to France to paint nudes.