This week on A Prairie Home Companion, we're rolling up the rugs, moving the kitchen table out of the way, and getting up to speed for next week's Street Dance & Meatloaf Supper. With some swing tunes, hot salsa numbers, polkas, a hula, one tango and a couple of waltzes. Ledward Ka'apana plays the "Radio Hula," Finnish whirling dervishes Frigg play "Polka Internationale," and The Hot Club of Cowtown plays "Forget Me Nots." Guy Noir bumps into a dancing pair of Siamese twins, Lola and Lulu Lippizaner, and Ruth Harrison clashes with a would-be biographer doing research on former strip-tease artist Bubbles Bergerud. Plus, the story of Lake Wobegon's most famous dancer, Bob.