This week on A Prairie Home Companion, a show created by YOU! We've sifted through all of your suggestions of scripts and songs that you'd like to hear again and strung a good bunch of them together for a special compilation program, including tense telephone conversation between Duane and Mom, a song called "Siempre Abuelita" from Tish Hinojosa, Walter Bobbie in a dreamy Thanksgiving script about an escape to a delightful New York restaurant, and E.G. Kight sings "I'm New at This." Plus, an episode of Bob, The Young Artist, Andy Stein and Stuart Duncan with "Big Mon," and a southern-fried episode of Guy Noir, Private Eye. In Lake Wobegon, Leonard Larson -- who ran the hardware store in town -- left a paper trail of a romance that surprised a lot of folks, including his wife of 47 years.