This week, we head back out West for a broadcast from the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, California with special guests, the First Sisters of Rock and Roll, Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, folk musician Greg Brown, gospel grandmaster Jearlyn Steele, and blues singer Hilary Thavis. Plus: the Royal Academy of Radio Actors, Tim Russell, Sue Scott, and Fred Newman, musical director Richard Dworsky (with Richard Kriehn on mandolin and fiddle, Bernie Dresel on drums, Chris Siebold on guitar, and Larry Steen on bass) and the latest News from Lake Wobegon.
  • Heart

    Heart first stormed the charts in the 1970s with hits like "Crazy on You," "Magic Man," and "Barracuda." Back then, Ann and Nancy Wilson were the first women to front a hard rock band. Almost four decades later, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees are still recording, touring, and performing sold-out concerts worldwide. Heart's story is chronicled in the Wilson sisters' 2012 book, Kicking & Dreaming: A Story of Heart, Soul, and Rock & Roll (HarperCollins). Their new CD/DVD, Fanatic Live from Caesar's Colosseum (Frontiers Records), was released earlier this year.
  • Greg Brown

    Greg Brown was raised in southeastern Iowa, with a banjo-playing grandfather, a poet grandmother, an English teacher mother who played guitar, and a Pentecostal preacher father. The environment, combined with abundant talent, produced one of the most acclaimed singer-songwriters of the past three decades. Said a Boston Globe music critic, "Brown is to this country what Richard Thompson is to Britain: its most essential modern troubadour." Greg's 30-plus recordings may just prove the point. The most recent is 2012's Hymns to What Is Left (Sawdust Records).
  • Jearlyn Steele

    Growing up in Indiana, Jearlyn Steele sang with her siblings as The Steele Children. One by one, they moved to Minnesota and started singing together again. Now music is the family business. Jearlyn has recorded and performed with Prince, George Clinton, Mavis Staples, and others. She also hosts Steele Talkin', a Sunday-night radio show that originates on WCCO in Minneapolis. Her most recent solo CD is Jearlyn Steele Sings Songs from A Prairie Home Companion.
  • Hilary Thavis

    Funny how things come together. Born in Rome, Italy, to parents from Minnesota, Hilary Thavis grew up loving music - especially folk music - from Woody Guthrie to Italian folk singers like Fabrizio De Andre and Francesco De Gregori. But it was the blues that ultimately captured her attention. Trouble & Truth is the 2011 recording from her band Gaia Groove. Now making her home in the Twin Cities, Hilary is working on a solo album of original songs.