Segment 1
00:00:00 Logo
00:00:13 Tishomingo Blues
00:03:10 Chris talks about San Diego, Beach Boys, Nickel Creek
00:09:53 No Place Like Home- Nickel Creek with Alan Hampton
00:14:38 NYC Marathon script
00:17:30 Working Poor- Fantastic Negrito
00:20:30 Scary Woman- Fantastic Negrito
00:25:06 Bertrand script
00:27:20 Powdermilk Biscuit Break

00:29:11 Chris talks with Madison Cunningham
00:29:42 When Love Loves Alone- Madison Cunningham with Chris and band
00:35:19 Out in America with Tom Papa
00:40:56 Fugue State- Chris Thile and band
00:43:51 Joke Book script (with Maria Bamford)
00:45:54 Chris talks with Maria Bamford about her marriage
00:47:06 Chris introduces his band Nickel Creek
00:47:35 Destination- Nickel Creek
00:51:45 Chris talks with Sara and Sean
00:53:56 When You Come Back Down- Nickel Creek
01:00:00 Instant Song Request announcement, Intermission (Some of These Days)

01:03:38 Welcome Back to the second half
01:04:40 Instant Song Request- Walkin' After Midnight- Sara Watkins and band
01:07:01 Baseball Existential Crisis script
01:10:16 Musician Birthdays: Ryan Adams/ kd lang/ Andrew Norman/ Art Garfunkel/ Jonny Greenwood/ Dale Evans/ Roy Rogers
01:22:12 Maria Bamford segment

01:30:40 An Honest Man- Fantastic Negrito
01:35:00 Chris talks with Fantastic Negrito
01:37:00 In the Pines- Fantastic Negrito with Chris Thile
01:44:36 4000 Calories of Turkey script (with Tom Papa)
01:47:10 Somebody More Like You- Nickel Creek
01:51:16 Smoothie Song- Nickel Creek
01:56:15 Credits, Mama Don't Allow, Get it Out on the Radio
01:57:13 Mama Don't Allow- Nickel Creek, Fantastic Negrito, band