TR (Host):nn Welcome back to...ALL: Don't Talk!...TR: the game show where you win by not talking.n We've got a few categories on the board - Brian, let's get to it.

CT (Brian):nn I'll take history for $1000.

TR (Host):nn Sorry Brian, you just spoke.n That'll cost you.n Sarah and Molly pick up $1000 each for not talking.n But you still have control of the board - Brian, make your choice.n (LONG BEAT, SFX: DING!)n $500 to Brian for keeping that mouth shut.n Well done.n Sarah, you're up.n Tell us where to go.n (BEAT)n Nothing?n Come on Sarah...n Say something...n What are you pointing at?n I can't tell.n This is just dead air right now...n You're killing us Sarah.

SB (Sarah):nn I'm sorry!


TR (Host):nn Oooh!n Sorry, Sarah, that'll cost you big time.n $500 wiped off your score.n Why did you talk?

SB (Sarah):nn I don't know - you made it seem like--(SFX: BUZZER)

TR (Host):nn Oof.n That's another $500.

SB (Sarah):nn (SIGHS)

TR (Host):nn Judge...can I get a ruling on that sigh? All good.n Okay, let's move on to our interview portion.n Molly, apparently you had a run-in with a famous action star?n (BEAT)n You can talk if you want... this is an interview.

SB (Molly):nn Oh, yes - I did.n I got in a little fender bender with Bruce Willis.


TR (Host):nn I'm sorry Molly - you just talked.


SB (Molly):nn But you just said I could...

TR (Host):nn I did, and you can - if you want to lose the game.


SB (Molly):nn I didn't realize this was part of the game.

TR (Host):nn You're losing points every time you speak.


SB (Molly):nn So there's no interview portion.


TR (Host):nn What are you doing?!n Stop that!n Remember, the game is...ALL: Don't Talk!...TR: Any talking is bad.n It's tough, I know.n Alright, at the end of the second round, Brian has $2000, Sarah has $500, and Molly has negative $3500.n She'll want to stay real quiet as we enter - The Final Round!




TR (Host):n During the commercial break, all three contestants were given water laced with poisonous venom of the death adder, one of the most venomous snakes known to humans Uh Oh! The anti-venom will only be available if they say "Give me the anti-venom."n Will they choose the anti-venom or... tonight's grand prize... a trip to Barbados!

CT & SB:nn Give me the anti-venom!


TR (Host):nn Wow, of course, talking is just about the worst thing you can do in the final round.n Brian, Sarah, I'm afraid you're disqualified.n Looks like Molly will be our champion!n She let the poison from the death adder immobilize her tongue and throat muscles, making it impossible to speak.n What a smart, smart move. (SFX: DING!)



TR (Host):nn Still can't bring yourself to talk, huh?n What a champion.n Well, that's all the time we have for today.n Tune in again tomorrow for...ALL: Don't Talk!