CT: Fall is in the air, Rachel! Don't you love this crisp weather? There's just something about it!

SB: Fall!n Yes.n It's my favorite season! But if I'm being honest, I have to say I prefer warmer weather. Yeah, anything under 80 and I get the chills. Ugh. BUT, other than that, yes - I do love fall. I'm a huge autumn-head.

CT: But when it gets colder, you get to break out the fall clothes! It's such a comfort to throw on an old, loose knit sweater -

SB: Huuuge comfort! If you're into that sort of thing! For me, though - I gotta say...Not a huge fan of the sweater. Yep, give me a tank top and a pair of chinos any day. But other than sweaters and cold weather, fall is definitely my jam.

CT: Ooh, jam! That makes me think of homemade pies - apple, blueberry, pumpkin -

SB: You know - if I HAD to eat a pie? I could eat a pie. I could keep it down, for sure. But if given the choice, I'm picking cake over pie. Every time.

CT: You don't like pie?

SB: Well, I won't say I don't LIKE pie - I'm not a psychopath. But I will say I don't LOVE pie.n I'll probably even take a candy bar or a cracker over a slice of pie. nBut OTHER than pie, sweaters, cold weather, and also scarves, this is definitely my favorite time of year.

CT: You don't like scarves either?

SB: I call them "autumn nooses."

CT: Wow. But what about the changing of the leaves?n Look around, this is magical!

SB: I prefer green.

CT: I'm sorry?

SB: Yeahhh, I prefer green leaves. When they go all red and yellow, I'm like, what is this, the top two thirds of a stop light?n Give me green baby, go go go!

CT: You really don't like autumn leaves?

SB: Honestly, it's Fall's worst feature. A visual cacophony signifying death and decay. And they make that terrible CRUNCHING sound underfoot - Ugh! It's like walking on corpses.

CT: ... But you say you love fall, huh?

SB: Oh, huuuuuge fan of fall. ENORMOUS autumn-head. Other than the weather-sweaters-scarves-pie-and-leaves!

CT: Well, surely you like Thanksgiving.

SB: Oh my god. I. LOVE. Thanksgiving. It's the one time of year whole family heads upstate and gets out of my hair for once!

CT: Wait, you don't spend Thanksgiving with your family?

SB: Are you kidding me? Have you met those nuts? No sir, I'll be eating turkey in Waikiki!

CT: Well, I'm glad you've found a way to enjoy the season.

SB: I love Fall!