Segment 1
00:00:00 APM Logo
00:00:11 Tishomingo Blues, opening credits TR/CT
00:02:11 Chris Thile opens, talks about Vikings, Lynx, Cubs, Bob Dylan winning Nobel prize for literature
00:07:38 Get It Out on the Radio- Chris Thile and band
00:11:59 POEM: Coast Guard script
00:14:00 Call off Your Dogs- Lake Street Dive
Chris talks about Lake Street Dive opening up for Punch Brothers
00:19:54 Mistakes- Lake Street Dive
00:24:31 Shave Divine script
00:28:05 Powdermilk Biscuit Break

Segment 2
00:29:45 High Sierra- Sarah Jarosz, Chris Thile, Chris Eldridge and band
00:33:59 Script-Rhubarb from 1/7/17
00:37:53 Chris intros Maeve Higgins, talks about his fondness for the Irish
00:40:04 Irish Jig set- Chris and band
00:44:40 Meditation App script
00:49:12 Chris introduces Jack White
00:49:27 City Lights- Jack White
00:54:30 Carolina Drama- Jack White Band with Chris Thile
01:00:56 TR handoff- Intermission-Everybody Loves My Baby

Segment 3
01:04:32 TR Welcome Back/ Greetings
01:07:09 Birthdays
01:13:12 SJ - Jacqueline from 1/14/17
01:15:03 Chris introduces Maeve Higgins
01:18:38 Maeve Higgins segment

Segment 4
01:27:30 Johnson Boys- Brittany Haas and Paul Kowert
01:30:06 When You Were Mine- Lake Street Dive
01:34:27 God Awful Things- Lake Street Dive
01:38:44 Mission to Mars script
01:44:17 Margie's At The Lincoln Park Inn- Jack White
Chris talks with Jack White
01:50:45 I'm Lonely (But I Ain't That Lonely Yet)- Jack White with Margo Price
01:54:54 Credits
01:56:37 Radio Boogie/ Get it on the Radio reprise