00:00 Logo

00:10 Tishomingo Blues

02:40 Chris opens, talks about the week's events and social media, his parents are Portland Oregon but live in Kentucky, road trips

07:30 Feedback Loop- Chris, Sara Watkins, band

11:37 Elsie- Chris, Sara Watkins, band

14:15 The Lake Walkers script

16:51 Goose Snow Cone- Aimee Mann, Jonathan Coulton, Chris , Sara, band

23:31 You Never Loved Me- Aimee Mann, Jonathan Coulton, Chris, Sara, band

27:07 Cuneiform script

31:19 Powdermilk Biscuit Break, fiddle start

34:31 Put the Lime in the Coconut (Powdermilk Biscuit Instant Song Request)

Chris introduces Sara Watkins

36:58 Young in All The Wrong Ways- Sara Watkins, Chris and band

41:32 Bertrand script

46:17 What If- Jerry Douglas, Sara Watkins, Chris and band

50:32 Konabolu Shuttle script- Chris talks with Hari 53:18 Changing World/ Everything Must Change- Jim James

59:32 Things in Life- Jerry Douglas, Chris Eldridge and band

62:11 TR Handoff

Intermission- Hey Good Lookin'- Sara Watkins, Richard Dworsky and band

64:29 NETCUE

66:12 Welcome back to the second half- greetings

68:34 Birthdays: Fats Waller/ George Strait/ Sarah Jarosz/ Erik Satie/Bernie Taupin

77:50 Script-What's the Deal With Bob

80:17 Rollercoasters- Aimee Mann and Jonathan Coulton

84:19 Hari Kondabolu segment

91:26 Here in Spirit- Jim James Chris talks with Jim James about his influences

99:07 Wonderful- Jim James

103:37 A Mother Orders script

107:14 Patient Zero- Aimee Mann and Jonathan Coulton with band

111:12 TR Credits

112:32 Closer -Black Hole Sun/ 116:10 Get it Out on the Radio/ end GK announce Tishomingo

APM Logo 118:59 end