... brought to you by Helsa dem dar Salsa AJUA Swedish hot sauce... the red-hot jalapeno pepper preparation that has been used as a home-remedy for years. Swedes tend to be careful and cautious by nature, tidy, worriers, organizers, and too much of that can produce lower back pain (in yourself as well as in others), so take some AJUA and make a hot pepper plaster and sit on it and cure your perfectionism. Also good on crackers. Helsa dem dar Salsa AJUA Swedish hot sauce.

... brought to you by Bob's Bank, the friendly bank in the green mobile home, no marble, no sculpture, no big parking lot, and the savings are passed on to you, the saver. Where every check you write has a picture of Bob on it and the inscription, "Cash this. I know these people". Save at the sign of the sock at Bob's Bank.

If you can't sleep at night, the problem could be a too firm mattress. A bed that is trying to be a table. The Deep Valley bed is the bed that replicates the uterus, which as you may recall was not hard, it was warm and it surrounded you, and so does the DVB. There's no tossing or turning in a Deep Valley ... you sink down into its arms and awake feeling loved even if you are alone

Brought to you by Old Folks At Home Cottage Cheese --- it has that good old-fashioned cottage cheese taste and it contains no formaldehyde. Do other cottage cheeses contain formaldehyde? Probably not, but why don't they come out and say so? At Old Folks At Home you have our word on it --- good old-fashioned cottage cheese --- without formaldehyde. Insist on Old Folks at Home Cottage Cheese.

Bertha's Kitty Boutique for people who care about cats. When your cat has come to the end of its earthly journey and you're looking for a final resting place, ask your pet mortuary about The Eternal Lap memorial park for cats. Other pet cemeteries are open to dogs, fish, birds, and goodness knows what. The Eternal Lap is only for cats. Don't you think this is what your cat would have wanted? Bertha's located in the dales: Roy 'n Dale, Airedale, Teasdale, Clydesdale, Chippendale, Mondale, and all the other fine shopping centers.

And by the Fearmonger's Shoppe reminding you that poor penmanship by doctors is estimated to cause as many as 198,000 deaths a year. The safety kit from the Fearmonger's Shoppe contains easy-to-read gummer letters, flares, safety rope, alarms, protective headgear, lead pants, parachutes, and fits in any full-size pick up truck. The Fearmonger's Shoppe for all your phobia needs.