A Prairie Home Companion Segment 19 for July 5, 2014
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TR (ANNC): And now. From the hushed reading room of the Herndon County Library..... Today's episode of Ruth Harrison, Reference Librarian will not be heard so that we can bring you this special 40th anniversary----

SS: What???

TR (ANNC): ....I said that you won't be heard ----- so that we can do this special broadcast.....

SS: Well, I will too be heard. You are not going to come in here and tell me that I will not be heard. ---- do you understand? Don't just stand there. Answer me.

TR (ANNC): Yes.

FN (TEEN): You want me to throw him out the door, Miss Harrison?

SS: No, Kent. I want you to finish shelving.

FN (TEEN): I'm not Kent. I'm Brent.

SS: Finish shelving, Brent. And as for you, sir, you can go do whatever broadcast you care to do ---- though "special" may be a matter of opinion--- but the Herndon County library is not closed, sir. And those who do not wish to fritter away their time listening to whatever it is you do in radio ----those who want to get away from the incessant noise and clutter and buzz and honk of radio can come here and quietly partake of the vast literary and cultural and scientific heritage that is here on these shelves, available to all regardless of age or economic status or level of education ----

GK: Miss Harrison, as an author, I'd like to say here that broadcasting----

SS: Oh, just shut up. I am talking. Do you always interrupt?

GK: Okay, but----

SS: I'm only saying that the library is open for those who wish to come in. And now, if you don't mind----- the door is over that way---- (FOOTSTEPS AWAY) ---- don't let it hit you on the way out. (LARGE DOOR OPEN, CLOSE) ----are you done shelving, Trent?

FN (TEEN): I'm not Trent, I'm Brent.

SS: Are you done shelving?

FN (TEEN): Yes, Miss Harrison.

SS: Then let's lock up for the day and go enjoy ourselves.

FN (TEEN): Thanks.

SS: I've gotten hooked on Jane Austen again. I can't wait to get home and put my feet up.


TR (ANNC): From the hushed reading room of the Herndon County Library, RUTH HARRISON, REFERENCE LIBRARIAN.