Taking the walk though Times Square. Walking through the great library on 5th Ave., Kerouac's "On the Road" transcript on one long roll on display. Wandering Central Park to Strawberry Fields, dedicated to John Lennon, people from many countries sitting and singing his songs.


The Blizzard that Buried Birmingham - deep snowdrifts -- a pool hall across the street from the hotel, the only place we could even find a burger - saw a game of pool evolve into a fist fight. No one goes outside.

Went out fetching three of our quartet - one guy had to bring his wife -- she was on the verge of childbirth - five of us and maybe about to be six in the cab of that straight truck - drove through the top of a downed tree - there was no turning back -

Only a handful of ticket holders show up - we have them help with stage duties - nobody on the stage crew shows but Emmy Lou Harris and her band make it down from Nashville.


The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, near the Gene Autry Museum, where I saw Matt Dillon, and James Arness, signing books at a card table.


Taking the truck on the ferry across Lake Michigan. Got a tour below decks: a steam engine with the various pieces sitting apart in a big room. Port cities seem to be quiet places, well tended.


Tanglewood, in the Berkshires. The Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, where his "Four Freedoms" paintings can bring a grown man to tears. Mount Greylock, the mountain which inspired Melville when he lived in Pittsfield.


Our first look at New Orleans - the streets and the cemeteries - the docks on the Bay of Mexico- a wedding parade through the streets -


Wolf Trap National Park in Virginia, where the lawn crowds howl with enthusiasm at the mere mention of wolves.

North Russ

Interlochen Music academy in Michigan -Traverse City. Driving the back roads, passing the Cranberry farms, stumbling upon the Music House Museum. Calliopes, Musical Automatons, stuff you don't see anymore.

South Tim

Flagstaff, visit to the South Rim of The Grand Canyon, seeing a California Condor, with numbered tag, on a ledge below. They are as big as you imagined.


The coast of Maine - lunch on the seaside docks - Harleys running up and down the wide stone steps of a government building late at night - an empty downtown rebuilding.

South Tim

New Orleans, LA. The rickety St. Charles Streetcar takes you to within a few blocks of the WW2 museum, discovering the importance of a man named Higgins, the creator of the Higgins Boat, the heroic landing vehicle responsible for making D-Day a success.

Ender Iowa Russ

The world's biggest truck stop, the Iowa 80 near Walcott; parking for 900 big rigs, with a museum, barber shop, shopping mall, a chrome shop, movie theater, repair shops. Website says, "Our customers use 55 miles of toilet paper per month."