A Prairie Home Companion Segment 23 for June 28, 2014
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.....back after a word from Murphy Plumbing.


There's a place where I can go and

Find serenity

My bathroom

My bathroom

How I wish I could invite

My friends to be with me

In my bathroom

My bathroom.

TR: Yes, if the bathroom has become important to your lifestyle, why not think about enlarging it? It's men who like to lock the door and be alone and secretive --- but for women it's a social experience, they go to the bathroom in groups ---- so call Murphy Plumbing and ask about putting in three or four more stalls in your bathroom and installing a community bath, You'll be glad you did.


CD: Who's there?

HM: It's us. The Wailin' Jennys.

CD: Come on in.


RM: Oh wow. It's huge. I love marble cherubs. And a bathtub with a fountain.

CD: Hi. This is Nadia, Daniela, I'm Christine----

HM: Mind if we join you?

CD: Hey. Come on in.

NM: Where should we put our clothes?

CD: Throw em on the floor. Jump in.


Lock the door and run the bath

And lie there peacefully

My bathroom

My bathroom


In the bubbles

All my troubles

Always shrink in size

ALL: Stead of crying

We're applying

Cream to moisturize


What's the barrier? The more the merrier.

Welcome to the club.


Our bathroom....our bathroom.


We're all friends with our rear ends

Together in the tub.

Our bathroom. Our bathroom.

Our bath----- ROOM.