A Prairie Home Companion Segment 9 for June 28, 2014
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....after this message from the Federated Organization of Associations, including the M.A.S.A, the Mothers And Stepmothers Association.

Bright morning stars are rising

And I hoped to sleep much later

But a child has crawled on top of me

And life seems out of control.

Oh where is his dear Father

Where in hell is his dear Father

He is lying here and sleeping

Why couldn't he get up and be the dad?

Why does the child want his Mother?

I'm no longer his lunch counter

I would like to just start shouting

Tell your dad it's his turn to get up.

But the mother's slowly rising

She will go and get the corn flakes.

Just because she is the mother

She is the mother deep down in her soul.

....a message from the Mothers And Stepmothers Association, a proud member of the Federation of Associated Organizations.