A Prairie Home Companion Segment 22 for June 21, 2014
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GK: Singers will do almost anything to juice up their voices and some singers have been known to swallow a fly to give themselves more vibrato such as this Mezzo-soprano here (JR NOTE, BIG VIBRATO, BUZZ) ---- that is from swallowing a fly----- let me take a look-----relax your tongue (JR SINGS AHHHH) I'm going to lift your tonsils up with these little silver tongs (JR AHHHH) --- and run this tiny camera down her throat (SQUORT) and look at her vocal chords there------ (SFX PING PING PING PLAT-----). One vocal chord is a little flat. We'll just tighten that up. (RATCHET) Okay. Once more. (JR CHORD, FOUR NOTES IN TUNE) Great. And now sing for us----- JR HABANERA BRIDGE W FN BUZZ: L'amour....l'amour.....l'amour.......(SHARP) l'amour. ) Interesting. A definite buzz in her voice. One more time, Miss Johnson. (JR HABANERA BRIDGE W FN BUZZ: L'amour....l'amour.....l'amour.......(SHARP) l'amour. ) See what is going on there? I know you don't believe me, but look at this---- (THWOOOOOPPP SLITHER SQUORT) See what was in her throat? (MEOW) But wait, there's more. (BIRD SQUAWK) She swallowed that cat to swallow that bird, and what's this (SQUIGGLE) A spider. Wiggling inside her. What was the spider looking for? (FLY) There it is. She swallowed a fly.


You'll be just fine, Miss Johnson. The fly is gone. (FLY, WHACK)

Thanks to Duct Tape. Duct Tape Fly Paper attracts flies that you may have swallowed and out they come. Luckily for you you didn't swallow a horse. (WHINNY)