A Prairie Home Companion Segment 13 for June 21, 2014
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GK: It's the 100th anniversary of Wrigley Field in Chicago, which was built in 1914 on the site of the old

Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary, and this is the key to the story of the Cubs: they are the living

embodiment of Lutheran theology, which is not about winning, not about being No. 1. It's about taking the back

seat and being of service and the Cubs have been of service to so many other teams----- they have pulled other

teams out of losing streaks, batters who were in painful slumps have recovered their confidence against the Cubs. A good Lutheran team.

We can accept dropped fly balls,

Wild pitches, errors, flubs,

Within these sacred ivy walls

We commune with the Chicago Cubs.

The race is not always to the swift,

So blessed are the meek.

We thank the Lord for any gift

And turn the other cheek.

Trying to discern the way,

Theologians got in fights.

For years we only played by day,

And then reluctantly we put in lights.

We do not ask to come in first.

We never will be gifted.

We accept that we are cursed

And prayer has failed to lift it.

We live by faith and we give thanks

And know someday in heaven

We'll play the Series with the Yanks

And win the best of seven.