A Prairie Home Companion Segment 3 for June 14, 2014
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GK: As many of you know, this year our radio show observes forty years on the air. Forty years going back to before some of you were around, and of course some people insist that the early years of the show were the best when we brought you all sorts of great entertainers like Jimmy Durante.

TR (DURANTE): Inka dinka doo. Dinka doo dinka doo. And an inka dinka doo to you. Boo boo ba doop.

GK: And Carol Channing....

TR (CHANNING): Oh darling, you look fabulous. Too bad it's radio.

GK: And John Wayne....

TR (WAYNE): I'm gonna say one thing to all of you listeners out there and that is ---- pony up ---- put your cash in the kitty ---- otherwise me and the boys are leaving town and we won't be back. ......

GK: And Humphrey Bogart would come on.....

TR (BOGEY, SINGS): And when two lovers woo, they still say I

Love You, on that you can rely.....

GK: Forty years is a darned long time for a radio show and don't I know it. Most radio personalities start out pretty upbeat (ORGAN CHORD)

TR: This is Robert Siegel and welcome to All Things Considered....

GK: And after awhile, what with the stress and all, they turn dark and edgy.

TR: This is Robert Siegel and let me just say this---- all these years I've been reporting the news and who gave a rat's ass about what was happening in my life? Huh? Nobody, that's who.

GK: Terry Gross has gotten a little edgy too.

SS (TERRY): So tell me, Hillary, did you come on my show because you genuinely like me or is this just the expedient thing for someone who's running for president?

SS (HILLARY): Okay, Terry, that's it. You've been a stone in my shoe long enough. Put up your dukes and let's settle this once and for all.

GK: But here at the Home on the Prairie show, we just feel lucky to be still around and we hope you'll tell all your friends that our show on Saturday July 5th will be a special three-hour live broadcast from Macalester College in St. Paul where we did the first broadcast 40 years ago. Hope you'll join us.