A Prairie Home Companion Segment 13 for June 14, 2014
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Daddy was a gardener,

He loved his corn and peas

The strawberry beds he kept

And tending all the apple trees.

Tomatoes, melons, row by row

He cultivated with his hoe.

I think of him in the sun,

Bending to his work til it was done.

Daddy was a carpenter,

He loved to cut and trim.

Whenever I hear a power saw

I always think of him,

Nails in his mouth, hammer in hand

Way up high on a ladder he'd stand.

I think of him in his coveralls

Packing up the tools as evening falls.

Once a month I sat on a chair

With his big hand on my head

And he carefully cut my hair

As clean and true as a carpenter could


Daddy liked to work on cars,

Open up the hood,

Adjust the timing, tighten the belt

Grease the bearings good.

He and my uncles looked at cars

Parked in the driveway

And never tired of arguing

About Ford vs. Chevrolet.

He died in the house he built

And we carried him through town

In a long black Cadillac

And we laid him in the ground.

I think of him when I happen to say

Something he would've said

And then I feel his hand

Resting on my head

I think of him when I drive a car

And when a train goes by

And when I hear the hymns he loved

Or smell a fresh homemade pie

My old dad, my old dad,

The living leave, they move away,

But the dead are with us every day.

My old dad.

My friends have drifted far apart

But the dead are living in our heart

My old dad, my old dad.