GK: Mr Fred Newman, our sound effects man, is on the show, a man who when he was young used loon calls to attract women. Didn't you?

FN: I don't like to talk about it. And I don't like the word "sound effect" ---- "effect" --- it suggests that it's phony or something.

GK: Well, what word do you like to use?

FN: I call them "soundscapes"

GK: Soundscapes. So you're a soundscaper.

FN: I don't want to be just "a guy doing an condor". I want

it to be "the condor speaking who is within all of us---the inner condor" (CONDOR)


GK: Do you remember a girl named Brittney?

FN: Oh no.

GK: Remember her? Tall girl. Actor?

FN: You didn't talk to her, did you?

GK: Play the tape of Brittney.

SS: It was so beautiful. He put his arms around me and he whinnied and snorted and I just felt so happy, so protected. And then he did the loon call and it made me all shivery inside. No other man could make me feel so primitive the way Fred could. I worshipped him. And then I found out that he did this for money. And that of course was the end of our relationship. But we're still friends.

GK: So do a loon call.

FN: Now?

GK: Now.

FN: But they don't have lakes in L.A.

GK: They do. Silver Lake. Toluca Lake. Veronica Lake. They have a team called the Lakers, of course they have lakes.


GK: Was that the male or female?

FN: Male. This is the female. (SFX) And this is the Minnesota loon. (SFX) And this is the French loon. (SFX)