A Prairie Home Companion Segment 7 for June 7, 2014
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GK: She was a psychiatrist at UCLA

With a big house in Newport Beach

HT: And he was the designer of some fabulous apps

And a dot-com nouveau riche.

GK: She commutes on the 405

Fifty-three miles each way

HT: He goes to work in his bathrobe

Up in Sierra Madre.

HT: They met in a cafe in Rome

A real Roman holiday

She looked at him and he at her

And said, Hey---you're from L.A.

GK: They spent two weeks together

La Dolce Vita for two

And thought about getting married

As back to L.A. they flew.

HT: And she wants a house and children

GK: And he would like to be free

HT: And she loves her work at UCLA

GK: And his house in the hills is where he wants to be.

HT: But if she moved there her daily commute

Would be somewhere around three hours

From the foothills of the Sierras

To the Westwood office towers.

GK: And he can't bear the thought of Newport Beach

And leaving his hills behind

HT: And spending three hours a day in a car

The psychiatrist would lose her mind.


I love you, Antonio, dear Kathleen Mavourneen

But how will I get to work in the morning


GK: They thought about moving to Portland

HT: But she was turned down for a job

GK: He suggested Montana, Utah, Minnesota

HT: No arts scene, and where would she shop

GK: So she's dating a guy who lives up the street,

Another physician, of course.

HT: And he's got a girlfriend who's very depressed

Bouncing back from a bitter divorce.

2: And they both look away to the hills, to the sea,

The love they knew which never could be

As they think about Rome and the life of the heart,

And they make a penne arrabiata,

A glass of Chianti, an insalata,

Where they live, a city apart,

Those hands, those knees, those lips I miss

Here in Los Angelis

Here in Los Angeles.