A Prairie Home Companion Segment 1 for June 7, 2014
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There are no orange groves in Orange County

Manhattan Beach isn't New York, no way

There isn't much adventure in Ventura

But you can sit and bake in Bakersfield all day.

There's nothing that surprising in Eureka

And San Jose---- what can I say?

There's not that much holy in Sacramento

But it's very sandy in San Diego Bay.

Some people were California Dreaming

When they flew here from Paducah and Dubuque

And suddenly they could breathe and be free, man,

Got shades and a tattoo and changed their name to Duke.

Santa Monica doesn't have a sleigh and reindeer

St. Francis couldn't afford a house on his Bay

And nobody's that modest in Modesto

But I must say I love L.A.

I've felt empty in Yosemite

I've had the blues in Santa Cruz

Been in ill huma in Petaluma

But I must say I love L.A.

C. I. N....D.E.R....E.L.